Meet Dione

Who Am I?

I AM an Inner Wellness Coach and Enthusiast! I AM a master of habit change, an advocate for living an authentic, healthy and happy lifestyle and a teacher of transformation.

Meet Dione

First and foremost, Dione is an avid lover of God. Then she is a wife to an amazing heaven-sent husband; a daughter to a wonderful god-fearing mother and a sister to the best little sister anyone could hope for. Dione’s faith is and has always been the foundation of this spiritual journey she calls life. Her village is small, yet massive because no matter where she’s landed, she has always cultivated a nurturing and supportive family environment…her tribe. 

Dione is a native of Stockton, AL and currently resides in Cumming, GA. She enjoys all things nature, especially pertaining to water…it’s probably the Pisces in her. Being near water is her preferred therapy, but she also subscribes to conventional forms of therapy. She believes that everyone should invest in some type of therapy, counseling, or coaching, thus investing in their well-being. Dione also enjoys writing, gospel and jazz music, baking, decorating, candle making, and loves to indulge in healthy and positive exchanges.

Dione has earned both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Management degree. She is a Certified Scrum Master and Agile Practitioner (Servant Leader). While drawing on her passion for helping others, she became a Certified Life Coach/Strategist. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

More About Dione

 Favorite Colors: Red & Green   |   Favorite Flowers: Sunflower & Dandelion   |   Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:13

More About Dione

 Favorite Colors: Red & Green

Favorite Flowers: Sunflower & Dandelion

 Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:13

Dione Bryant Williams

The Brand

Dione Bryant Williams, the brand, came to fruition as a result of publishing my debut book, Mirror Mirror: Healing from the Inside Out, on my 50th birthday. Upon publishing the book, I quickly realized what I birthed was far more reaching than words contained within those pages, but that it was my ministry…a movement. 

Mirror Mirror, the book, was an awakening for me. Although I knew, but the realization that everyone is a product of their past experiences and is dealing with something in some shape or form hit me like a ton of bricks. That is when I completely embraced and committed to my life purpose…to be a beacon of hope and a guiding light for the healing of every heart and soul I encountered. 

Dione Bryant Williams, the brand, first thought the target audience would be women by default, but the reality that EVERYONE is in need of healing on some level, redirected the focus. Under the brand, Dione Bryant Williams, you will find several ways in which she utilizes her experience and expertise to reach and help others begin or navigate their healing journey. You will also have access to self-improvement books, podcasts, virtual coaching, small group curriculum, mentoring, and online digital products. Also, soon to be introduced is her uniquely trademarked H.O.W. Academy (Healing Our Wounds) – Healing the Agile Way!

The overarching message of the brand, Dione Bryant Williams, is to impress upon everyone it reaches that they are in good company and are not alone. That their healing journey requires one significant step in order to unlock the authentic and healthy life they desire and deserve. That first step is – deciding to “Do the Work”! This step is the ultimate LIFE-saving decision, literally. Once the first step is taken, Dione Bryant Williams will help you put it into ACTION, walk side-by-side with you, holding your hand every step thereafter so you can safely FEEL.DEAL.HEAL.

Dione Bryant Williams
Dione Bryant Williams
Dione Bryant Williams
Dione Bryant Williams
Dione Bryant Williams
Dione Bryant Williams

vision Statement

Dione Bryant Williams desires to equip, enable, and empower individuals with tools and foundational principles that will aid them in their healing process. As a result, they will be able to clearly find and define their life purpose and hone in on the positive power withIN, so they can start to live a life of authenticity and abundance – their Best-Blessed Life!

Mission Statement

Dione Bryant Williams is committed to methodically guide by giving voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. Because of my own personal experiences, I compassionately provide encouragement and a path for healing to all that are in need and seeking to free themselves from the bondage of their painful past and present.

As a Christian, my passion and purpose is to lead and empower the emotionally and spiritually wounded along their healing journey. It is my heart’s desire to create a movement and a platform that provides tried and true guidance through the process of emotional, mental, and spiritual healing via books, digital products, curriculum, and coaching.

LEAD & Empower

Equip &

Core Values


We believe that we can do ALL things through Christ who is our strength and that with God everyone can find healing.


We choose to do what is right at all times no matter the circumstance.

We choose to continually grow physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, professionally and relationally so that we can be the best we can be.


We choose to bring our best and be our best every single day and to never settle for average in our thinking, attitude or actions. 


We are committed to never giving up on anyone and exemplifying an agape love for all.


We seek out opportunity to help others heal and choose to treat every person with the highest level of respect and value. 


We speak, write and act with honesty, integrity and respect at all times.


We believe that iron sharpens iron and choose to unselfishly act on what’s best for the team to further the mission of helping heal the world. 


We believe in being all in to the mission and vision, sold out to glorifying God through healing the hearts and souls of HIS people.

Dione Bryant Williams with Mirror MIrror

Dione’s Debut Book



Mirror Mirror is a compelling instructional, providing a tried and true step-by-step approach to healing emotional wounds. It is a metamorphosis that gives a painful, yet beautiful testament to the power of bravery, commitment, and survival of unfortunate life events that left behind deeply rooted emotional wounds in the very core of your being.

This introspective adventure takes you down a treacherous highway that’s not frequently traveled, but you will be equipped with a roadmap of principles and exercises that ensures that once you arrive at your unknown and mysterious destination, you will experience spellbinding healing, from the inside out. This road trip is like none other you will ever experience.

Mirror Mirror Book on Road

“mirror Mirror”


Just WOW! The struggles, the healing, the transformation! It’s all so beautiful. If you’re looking for an uplifting read, Mirror Mirror will help you heal from the inside out!”


“If you are looking for an insightful read that will help you look inside yourself and begin the healing process, Mirror Mirror is the book for you. Dione is so transparent and her insight is based in the Word of God! I am so glad that I have the opportunity to read and re-read Mirror Mirror…it has blessed me greatly!”

Danielle Howard

Mirror Mirror is an absolute AMAZING read! Do not pass go, do not collect $200 until you’ve read this book! Trust me, it will change your life and perspectives forever!


“If you are invested in healing, growing, learning to forgive, and living your fullest potential,
then Mirror Mirror is a MUST read.”

LaToya Jackson

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