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Be.Well InnerScents is a fragrance filled journey into the wellness of your mind, body, and spirit. Infused with scents that take you on a journey to rediscover your inner joy, peace, and tranquility, Be.Well InnerScents invites you to explore the amazing world of fragrance and its powerful holistic impact on your life. Moreover, finding the right scent has the ability to transform how you feel “from the inside out!”

Candles provide us much more than beautiful scents and ambiance – they make us happy. This powerful sensory experience stimulates our brain and this positively affects our mood by making us more relaxed, calm, focused, excited, passionate, or simply feel like having fun. The manifestation of Be.Well InnerScents was birthed out of our passion for great smelling candles — and our desire to incorporate InnerWellness into your everyday home aesthetics. So, with countless hours of research and testing, we decided to create a luxury line of scented candles and waxes in sleek vessels that compliment any decor and truly appeal to your mind, body, and spirit – the ultimate InnerWellness candle!

Our mission is to give you the ultimate InnerWellness experience you crave, in the form of the ultimate luxury candle you deserve. The journey to create Be.Well InnerScents was, and every candle we make is, a labor of love— and our love is Be.Well InnerScents.

From our family to yours, we wish you health, happiness, love, and a world that is always lit and filled with Be.Well InnerScents! — The Be.Well InnerScents Team

The Limited Edition

Available for a Limited Time!

Holiday Candles

Signature Collection

Every home needs a signature scent that is unique and personal. Candles in your home create a mood and an emotion – they help you feel relaxed, uplifted, and happy. Our Signature Collection features seven unique scents that speak to several of your senses: Aromatherapy, Fresh and Clean, Woodsy and Earthy, Sensual and Seductive. The Signature Collection is diverse, distinct, and inspired by instinct and overall aura.


Self-Care Collection

Cozy up with a candle and focus on YOU. Our Self-Care Collection features six scents that will calm your soul and nurture your spirit. So take that day off, hit the snooze button more than once, grab a warm cup of your favorite tea, curl up and enjoy fresh scents that speak to your mind, body and spirit. Treat yourself — you deserve it!

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